"Readers who enjoy the boundary-pushing work of cartoonists such as Dash Shaw and Olivier Schrauwen will freely surrender to Willumsen's equally dreamlike world." - Publishers Weekly

"Connor Willumsen is a blackbelt of formalism in comics. There is an unending sense of "thinking" in this book. Every angle and every option is considered." - Caleb Orecchio, Comics Workbook

"From beginning to end, Willumsen pushes you in the deep end and forces you to tread over adroit uncertainty, using water as a stand-in for not only the fragile nature of nostalgia and relationships, but your very own mind. Anti-Gone is about all these things. At least I think so." - RJ Casey, The Comics Journal

"Connor Willumsen's first graphic novel, Anti-Gone, beautifully follows a couple who drift on a small boat and go see a movie on drugs. It felt to me a bit like a Tao Lin novel in that it focuses on young people who spend their time shopping for clothes and entertainment/drugs." - Dash Shaw, The Comics Journal

"Willumsen's [Anti-Gone] might be the indie house's crowning glory." - Abraham Riesman, Vulture

"Illustrated with a virtuoso command of pose and movement, with imaginative and surreal flourishes throughout, Anti-Gone is one of the year's most impressive releases." - Gosh! Comics

"With beautiful line art, Willumsen tells one of the oddest stories of the year, but also one of the most visually compelling and formally striking." - Shea Hennum, The A.V. Club

"You get an odd combination of super contemporary, minimalist, and economical cartooning - the sort of artistic sensibility you expect from a young author, but with a maturity of voice suggesting a master playwright or screenwriter." - Peter Birkemoe, Quill & Quire

"Willumsen's fantasy involves two tourists, Spyda and Lynxa, who explore an island that turns into a futuristic city or an apocalyptic nightmare depending on what drugs they’re taking." - Heidi MacDonald, The Comics Beat

"Willumsen's book demands that you spend time looking at it from multiple angles, then trusts you to make up your own mind." - Ryan Carey, Daily Grindhouse

"Anti-Gone is likely one of the strongest long-form formalist comics published this year. Willumsen's pages made me gasp, and flinch, and read and re-read, and re-read." - Alex Hoffman, Sequential State

"Book of the year for me, and probably an absolute game-changer for a generation of cartoonists about to emerge" - Brian Nicholson, The Comics Journal